February 29, 2020
Sig P365 Light

Sig P365 Light and Holsters

You’ve purchased one of the best concealed carry pistols to come along in some time, the Sig Sauer P365, as featured in our recent P365 AMMDOG review. Now you need to carry it securely and make it ready for use day or night. In other words, you’ll need a specific Sig P365 holster and likely a Sig P365 light to push back the dark. On first release of this pistol, as with any new gun, there might have been limited model specific options for accessories. Now having been out for over a year, you have plenty of great choices for both.

If you are considering a Sig P365 light, I would highly recommend making that choice first. It will dictate what type of holsters are compatible with your pistol.  If you have been at this a while or own several pistols, you know how experimenting with holsters can get expensive.  Making the choice of carrying with a P365 weapon light or without one up front will save you some money. It will also avoid throwing yet another holster into the “didn’t quite work out” bin.

Sig P365 Rail Comparison

If you are used to having a lot of generic choices for weapon lights on your pistols because accessory rail formats are standardized, well – think again. In their quest to engineer a game changing slim double stack micro-compact, the designers at Sig Sauer decided on a proprietary format for their rail. If you already have, or were considering a light with a Weaver or Picatinny rail compatible mount, just put that aside. It won’t work. [Note* There are aftermarket conversion rails available. But only if you don’t mind adding a little extra plastic to the existing P365 rail. Here’s an example of one from Tactical Development].

Sig P365 Lights

Going with model specific options only, there are some great choices for Sig P365 lights.


Crimson Trace Sig P365 Light

The Crimson Trace LIGHTGUARD is a form fitting integrated weapon light that is made specifically for the P365. It’s shape molds in a smooth contour around the trigger guard. The light’s case is constructed from durable anodized aluminum.

It is powered from (2) CR-2032 batteries which will get you up to two hours of 100 Lumen illumination. That is a generous run time for a light this small. At 100 Lumen this won’t light up the whole yard, but it does effectively illuminate at self-defense distances or brighten a dark room.

Crimson Trace

Because of the proprietary rail on the P365, you can’t just slide the light on to the rail. You must remove a couple screws, separate the sides of the light and reassemble over the rail and trigger guard. It takes just a minute or two.

The Crimson Trace Lightguard has ambidextrous tap on/off controls and can run in either continuous mode or momentary mode.  This is great for either quick identification or constant use.

Sig Sauer FOXTROT365 Tactical White Light, for P365 Models

Sig Foxtrot P365 Light

The Sig Foxtrot Tactical light is perhaps the best looking of the P365 lights.  Sig designers contoured it so when installed it appears almost like part of the pistol. The Foxtrot offers no protrusions to snag on your holster or your clothing.

Like the Crimson Trace the Sig Foxtrot is a 100 Lumen rated light. Because it is powered by a single CR-1/3N battery, you’re only going to get about ½ hour of run time. The beam will illuminate to an effective range of about 30 feet.

Unlike the Crimson trace controls, the Sig Foxtrot Tactical Light is enabled by a switch embedded in the thin frame of the light that extends all the way on to the grip. As soon as you grip the pistol (unless holding the pistol awkwardly) the light will illuminate. It’s up to your personal preference whether you see this as a feature or a drawback.

Sig Foxtrot P365

On one hand, it is one less thing to think about if you have to draw your weapon.  If the gun is in your grip, it’s on. However, there might certainly be circumstances where you would prefer to be able to draw and grip your pistol without the light coming on automatically.

Streamlight TLR-6 for the Sig P365

Sig P365 Light - Streamlight TLR-6

Last, but certainly not least of our Sig P365 light choices, is the Streamlight TLR-6. Of the three choices here, the TLR-6 may be the least refined looking. It is a generic design adapted for the P365’s proprietary rail. However, that is about the only criticism I can must for it. The Streamlight is feature heavy and comes from a lineage of tough and reliable lights.

The TLR-6 light is also rated at 100 Lumens but Streamlight’s specs claim an impressive beam projection of 89M. Two CR-1/3N batteries (vs. one in the Sig Foxtrot) provide power for up to hour of continuous use.

In addition to the white LED light this model of TLR-6 also contains an integrated red laser.  The red laser can be used alone or in conjunction with the light.  The white light can also be used alone.

Because you have both a light and laser in one package, the controls are necessarily slightly more complicated to operate. A tap on either switch turns the unit “on” or “off”. Pressing and holding either switch momentarily activates the unit.

To step through each mode, (laser/light/laser+light), press and hold one switch and tap the other switch. The TLR-6 also has an auto shut off feature after running continuously for 10 minutes.

As with the other choices, the TLR-6 must be partially disassembled via three screws and the housing split in order to mount on the P365’s accessory rail.  With all of these lights, it’s either on or off – it is just not convenient to change them out on the fly. But with a light this good, why would you want to take it off?

P365 Holsters

If you’ve looked at the Sig P365 Light options and are either on the fence or have decided a light is just not in your plans, you may be looking for a great carry holster for just the pistol alone.

Urban Carry LockLeather IWB holster for the P365

Urban Carry P365

A great new option from Urban Carry is the LockLeather IWB holster.  The Urban Carry combines old school leather comfort with an integrated high tech retention device that give you the security you normally only see in a Kydex holster.  I’ve used a number of leather holsters that are pressed and molded to give a degree of retention but have never seen one that has the positive snug retention feedback like this holster.

If you have the Sig P365 you’ll need the Holster size #204 (choose left or right hand option) to fit, and be prepared to wait a bit – these seem to be pretty popular.

Tulster Sig P365 w/TLR-6 Holster IWB Profile Holster

Tulster P365 TLR6

Now if you’ve decided to deck out your P365 with the excellent Streamlight TLR-6 Light/Laser combo – congratulations! You’ve made a great choice.  Now you’re going to need a great holster to make it all work together. The Tulster Sig P365 holster is just that. This is purpose built to fit exactly your specific  combination of pistol and light.

Formed Kydex with an adjustable 30 degree cant adjustment, this holster conceals well in most any position. As with any good Kydex holster, you get a positive “click” retention of your weapon and the Kydex material makes for an extremely thin and inconspicuous holster.  Although obviously the point of an IWB concealed holster is to never have anyone see it, the Tulster does come in a dozen different colors and patterns if that’s your thing.

Concealment Express Tuckable IWB KYDEX Holster

Concealment Express Tuckable P365

If you’ve selected the Sig Foxtrot light to use with your P365, the Concealment Express Tuckable Kydex holster will pull it together. The #079 model in the holster family is made specifically to accommodate the Foxtrot model light mounted on your P365.

This holster has a cant that is adjustable for a generous +20 to -5 degrees so it fits most any possible position you want it in and is a “tuckable” design so you can arrange your shirt for maximum comfort and concealment. The concealment Express has a user adjustable retention force via their “POSI-CLICK” feature. The finish is great and the assembly screws are recessed to spare the finish of your valuable pistol. It’s a great choice.