Gun Safes

Gun Safes

There are many good reasons to buy a gun safe. Keep the curious from touching things they shouldn’t. Protect your property from being lost or stolen. Comply with your local “safe storage” laws. Protect your guns from fire. Or maybe just give your guns a safe space to relax in.  Whatever the reason you have for obtaining a gun safe, what are you really buying?


You’re buying time. Your safe is a time machine. Because like passwords in cyber security, given enough time any safe (or password) can be defeated. If your password is “pa$$w0rd”, you should expect to get hacked in under five seconds. When you buy a $49 Wally World “safe” expect the same. If your password is eighty characters long it can still be broken but if it takes eighty years to do it, do you really care?

When you make gun safe from heavier more resilient materials you buy time. Purchase a safe with more sophisticated locks and you buy time. When they’re hardened, have better steel, are bolted in… whatever. You are adding time and effort to the task of defeating them. And when you have added enough time to the equation to satisfy your personal requirements for a gun safe then you will have a machine sufficient for the task.

This isn’t the same requirement for everyone. If your gun safe is in a very secure location, or under video surveillance or an alarmed area you’ve already bought time.  Your safe does not have to survive efforts to defeat it forever, it just needs to last long enough that it is unlikely any unauthorized attempt at access will be successful.

There’s no denying it, a good gun safe can be expensive. Very expensive. But being expensive does not mean they are not a good value.  That judgement needs to be made based on what you’ll keep in it and the total security around it. On the other end of the spectrum, a budget safe may be a big improvement over what you have currently and may also be combined with other security options to give you the time that you need without breaking the bank.

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Not all gun safes are created equal.

Like many folks, when I started out I bought a modestly sized safe that would hold a few pistols and a couple boxes of ammo. For some people, that gun safe will be all they ever need. For others, well… they’ll need an upgrade. Here’s some things to think about when choosing a gun safe at home.

Broken Gun Safe

Think outside the box.

Gun safes are an essential component of safe gun ownership. They keep your property secured and your firearms available for authorized access. However, given enough time and access, most any safe can eventually be defeated. Sometimes the best way to enhance your firearm security is to think outside of the box. Here’s some options that will enhance your firearm’s security without breaking the bank.

Going mobile.

When you travel with your guns, whether it’s around the corner, to the range or from state to state there are a number of things to consider. Depending on the laws where you live, you may be carrying, transporting or storing your guns without ever leaving the car! If your gun is not on your hip where should it be… Here’s some options.