February 29, 2020
Gun range ready

Range Ready: 2020

Yes, it is the time of year for making New Year’s resolutions. I am going to resolve to be more efficient with my time because I just never seem to have enough of it! One way to make more time is to be organized and prepared for the job at hand and believe me that goes for those gun range trips as well.

Having what you need to shoot and handle any unexpected hiccups at the range means more time shooting and less time scrambling or heading back to home base for supplies. Make the most of your range time with gear that keeps your range trip on target. It starts with having the best range bag to carry it all, but don’t get stuck without these gun range “must-haves” to fill it.

AMMDOG runs down some of the best deals for range gear.

EXPLORER Tactical Range Ready Bag

Explorer tactical range bag

A great range bag is the key to gearing up for the next range trip.  This Explorer bag is tough 600-denier polyester and has storage for most everything you need for range day. Room for multiple pistols, magazines of all sizes, ammo, cleaning kits – what have you. Lockable zippers on all the main compartments, comes in six colors and camo too. It sure beats that old tool bag you’ve been using!

Savior Equipment American Tactical Double Rifle Case

Savior Equipment American Tactical Double Rifle Case

If you need to transport two long guns and a boatload of paraphernalia to the range, Savior is really bringing it with this double tactical case. Padded inside and out, it is lockable and has multiple compartments for pistols, magazines and accessories. Molle webbing all over and adjustable padded backpack straps for humping all that gear make this the best soft rifle case going.

Case Club Waterproof 4 Pistol & 16 Magazine Case

4 pistol hardshell case

This multiple pistol case holds up to 4 pistols with 16 extra magazines (double stack or single stack!). The 4 pistol case is 100% Waterproof, Dustproof & crushproof. This hardshell case is Airline approved for checked luggage so if you’re traveling with pistols this is the ticket. Your pistols will thank you.

Real Avid The Pistol Tool – 19-in-1 Pistol Multitool

Avid multi tool

You can’t bring the whole workbench with you to the range but it’s a lifesaver to have some of the most commonly needed gun tools with you in your range bag. Screwdriver bits, Torx, Allen wrenches, punch and a knife will get most small jobs done and they’re always right where you need them.

MTM AC4C Ammo Crate (4-Can)

Ammo Carrier

Great way to store and transport bulk ammo or any small items. You can stack these up in your vehicle for super efficient storage. O-ring sealed and darn near indestructible.

ARROW Staple Gun T50 Heavy Duty Kit

Arrow Stapler

Seems silly, but have you ever tried to hang your target with a rock and a stick because you didn’t have a working stapler? It’s not pretty is it? This one just works, and works.

Caldwell DeadShot Boxed Combo Shooting bags

Caldwell shooting bags

Caldwell DeadShot Boxed Combo Front and Rear Bag with Durable Construction and Water Resistance for Outdoor, Range, Shooting and Hunting

Unlike many cheaper bags, these front and rear shooting bags from Caldwell come pre-filled with corn cob media so they’re ready to go. Made from water resistant 600 Denier polyester so they’ll take a beating and do the job for a long time to come.

Delta Provision Gun Cleaning Kit

Delta Cleaning Kit

Delta Provision Gun Cleaning Kit – Rifle – Pistol – Shotgun – Universal Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance Kit With Optics Cleaning – Heavy Duty Tactical Case

This kit has virtually every cleaning tool you’ll ever need plus cleaning fluids storage in a tough molle compatible kit. I primarily use cable drawn jags for barrels, but I like that this kit has rods as well – that can come in handy for clearing obstructions at the range.

Puroma 2 Pack Combination Lock 4 Digit Padlock

Puroma Locks

After you’ve got all your gear packed for the range you’ll want to lock it up (either to comply with transport laws or just good practice). I’ve gone to all combination locks on my gear so as time goes by and locks get added and lost I don’t have to sweat having the right key. Ever get to the range without the key to your gear? I hate that.