Elvex RX500: New Glasses, old eyes.

The Elvex RX500 are saving these old eyes.

Ok, this is going to be one of the quickest, easiest reviews ever. But if you are of a certain age or just have trouble focusing on close objects (far-sightedness) you are going to thank me when you grab a pair of the Elvex RX500’s.

I had always had terrific eyesight, better than 20-20 and that pretty much held into my 40’s. Past that though, little by little, objects up close weren’t as sharp as they used to be. You can compensate to a point but eventually I was using drug store reading glasses to keep close things in focus.

One of those things that was now challenging to focus on were the sights of my pistols. Oh, the targets were sharp enough, but the front and rear sights were pretty much getting to be little fuzzy blobs rather than anything that was going to give me precise aim on a target. Even with rifle peep or backup sights this was an issue. Those drug store readers would allow me to see the sights clearly but because of their strength the target would be blurry and there was just no way to get good seal on my ear protection with those and a set of safety goggles over them.

I tried a shooting iris on my safety goggles and although it worked, I didn’t care for it. If you’re not familiar, the iris is just a dark circular sticker with a pinhole aperture in it. Pinhole cameras have been around since the middle ages and the tiny hole just lets through a small amount of focused light. It makes things dim but has almost infinite “depth of field”. In other words, everything near or far, is in focus. Unfortunately, I found them kind of annoying and inconvenient.  The search continued.


Then I found these puppies. I had seen safety glasses with magnified inserts before and had actually tried them but found the inconsistent view messed up my sight picture. These glasses though, the Elvex RX500’s, are magnified at a consistent magnification across the lens so you can move and fix your gaze normally without inconsistent views.

They rock.

They’re made of Ballistic Rated Polycarbonate and are 99% UV filtered. As far as fit and quality they are typical of good quality safety glasses, with comfortable bows and reasonably low distortion. But the key here is, the pistol sights are in FOCUS. I experimented with a few different magnifications and found that although I was using a +2.00 magnification for reading glasses, using +1.00 in the Elvex Safety Glasses gave me the best balance between clear sights and clear targets. Your mileage may vary but at the price of these you can afford to experiment. If you eyesight is like mine, and a prescription solution is too pricey, I think they’re going to work great for you.

Get them at Amazon with carrying case and neck lanyard for under $15.