Remington Christmas

A Very Merry, Old Time Mail Order (Gun) Christmas

When I was a kid we would thumb through the Sears catalog in the months running up to Christmas and ogle all the things we’d like to see under the tree that year. Kid’s eyes were usually bigger than their parent’s wallets but they worked it out somehow. Some of those circled Wish Book toys always ended up under the tree.

1965 was just a little over a decade removed from the Korean war so rifles and military paraphernalia were pretty popular toys for kids. Man they had some good ones! They looked real and the neighbors didn’t freak out when kids were running around the yard yelling rat-a-tat-tat. Just kids being kids, you know.

1960s Military Toys

It wasn’t just toys though. Back then, and it was not so long ago, you could actually order firearms right from the Sears catalog. Ok, there was no internet and you couldn’t use PayPal, but wasn’t it worth writing a check and licking a stamp to have a shotgun or rifle delivered right to your door?

Heck yes! They even had easy payment plans as credit cards hadn’t yet come into the mainstream.  How would you like a nice new M1 Carbine for about $9 a month? Are you kidding me? Sign me up!

M1 Carbine under $100

Sitting where we are now it’s hard to imagine how routine and uncontroversial it all was. The toys, the rifles and shotguns. However, it’s even more mind blowing to think that back in the 1960s we were already well past the golden age of mail order firearms. Back in the days of old you could mail order just about anything.

Don’t believe it? Have a look at some of the serious pew-pew you could mail away for and slide under the tree at holiday time. Forget the inedible fruit cake, 20mm is where it’s at.

Anti tank mail order

This anti-tank gun has a ten day money back guarantee. So if it didn’t stop a tank you could return it? Now that’s the kind of customer service you just don’t see anymore!

.55 Caliber anti-tank gun for Christmas

Maybe old naval artillery is more your thing… But you are definitely going to need a bigger Christmas tree. Bigger like Rockefeller center tree bigger.

So, Santa Claus…  If you’re listening.  There’s plenty of room under our tree for some of that old stuff if it’s just laying around.  You don’t even need to clean the cosmoline off. I’ve been good. Really good. Let’s have one of those old time traditional mail order gun Christmases. Just one more time. Please?

I’ll leave the cookies out.